Zannan's Cricket

A clockwork cricket imbued with runes that comes alive at the owners request.


Zannan’s Cricket Tiny metallic construct Initiative : Owner Senses: Perception +15 Tremorsense +5 Low-light vision HP: 10 Speed: 5, climb 3, Cricket Hop (See below) Standard Actions: Cricket Hop: During once per activation, Zannan’s Cricket can jump 10 squares at the owners bidding. Cricket Chirp: As a standard action, Zannan’s Cricket can be ordered to chirp in alarm when it senses another presence. Rune Light: At the owners bidding, Zannan’s Cricket can shine a bright light from it’s magical runes that cover it’s metallic body and shine a radius of 5 squares.


Created by Zannan Orelstone, a once rich and noteworthy adventurer and master tinkerer, Zannan’s cricket is a clockwork construct built to resemble a small copper cricket, it is imbued with magical runes that shine a dim blue light and allow this tiny metal construct to come alive at the owners bidding for a short while (6 hours) and scout ahead of the party during campaigns.

Zannan’s cricket is the roughly the size of a gold coin and can be easily tucked away in the owners effects when not in use. When needed, the construct can be fetched and released after having received simple orders to go ahead of the owner and scout an area.

Zannan’s was an avid adventurer and his cricket is given many talents that aid in making sure he was rarely surprised on his many campaigns. Such as Cricket Hop, Cricket Chirp, and Rune Light.

Though mostly fragile, Zannan did create his cricket with a valuable fail-safe should his tiny tool become lost down some deep chasm, crushed underfoot by a clumsy monster, or caught in a devious trap. If Zannan’s cricket should be destroyed, or lost, it’s most important magic will trigger, and this small construct will disappear from where it was destroyed and reappear in a place of it’s owners choosing. Though when it arrives it will be in many pieces, and as such worthless until put back together again. This can only be done during a rest, or extended rest period and takes 6 hours.

Zannan's Cricket

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